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Dream EZ
Ortho Sleep
100% herbal formula
No grogginess or side effects from prescription drugs
Created by a team of experience pharmacologists
Helps you fall asleep faster
Improves duration of sleep
Helps you feel refreshed and alive after a night of deep slumber
Made to directly combat insomnia symptoms
Suitable for longer-term use (30+ days)
Improves duration of sleep
Servings per container
3-Phase sleep reset formula

“Sleep deprivation is linked to more severe illnesses, high levels of anxiety, and low cognitive function”

It’s never been more important to relieve stress and catch some immunity-boosting Zzzs. Our 3-phase formula relieves anxiety, unlocks deep sleep, and leaves you feeling refreshed and stress-free.

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep

Think better. Sleep better. Feel better. Dream EZ is formulated to help you re-establish healthy sleep patterns.

Strengthen your immune system

Sleep is THE most important factor in maintaining a strong immune system according to 100's of studies.

Reduce the devastating effects of stress

Sleep increases GABA in your brain and allows you to fight off stress better when you're awake.

Sleep is life. Make sure you're on top of it.

Dream EZ's 3-phase formula is a healthier way to fall asleep, rest and recover your immunity and energy.


Unlock deep, restful sleep — and stay asleep

It’s one thing to fall asleep quickly, but it’s another to stay asleep — Dream EZ contains L-tryptophan, Melatonin, and plant extracts to increase REM sleep and your total sleep time.[2]

Combat sleep deprivation

Fall asleep quickly without being knocked out like prescription drugs. Dream EZ customers (many of whom suffer from lifelong sleep deprivation) report feeling calm enough to fall asleep, skipping the restless tossing and turning altogether — within 45 minutes,

“I used to have a hard time silencing my brain to fall asleep at night. I take one Dream EZ about 30 minutes before I fall asleep. By the time it’s lights out, I’m out!”

Layla Steiner


Good sleep is linked to healthy immune function

Sleep is so important and essential for proper functioning of our bodies. While sleeping, we rejuvenate, restore and repair many of the systems in the body. Lack of sleep elevates cortisol levels and causes higher blood glucose levels which has negative effects on our brain, cardiovascular and immune health.

The deeper the sleep. The better the immunity.

While we want to lay the foundation for a good night's sleep with good sleep hygiene (e.g. limiting screen time, establish routines etc.) at times botanical support is also needed. Dream EZ is a proven and safe formula to help you get that good night Zzzs.


Establish natural and healthy sleep patterns

Dream EZ is designed to train your body to sleep correctly by lowering cortisol (the chemical that creates anxiety and prevents you from sleeping) and increasing melatonin (the natural hormone in your body that helps you sleep) naturally.

Containing zero knock-you-out style ingredients, our natural 3-phase formula works with your body to rebuild healthy sleep patterns over time.

Works with your body to build healthy sleep patterns over time

Dream EZ contains nature's 2 best insomnia fighters: Valerian Root and Lemon Balm. Powerful alone — more potent together.[1]

"I have used prescribed medications, herbs, and OTC drugs after a while they all stopped working. Now I rotate them and have added EZ to this rotation and it's working."



Wake up feeling alive and ready to take on the day

Great sleep helps you wake up refreshed — Dream EZ takes it a step further by reviving your daily energy levels with essential amino acids, vitamins, and plant extracts.

Charge through your day without the lagging effects of sleep deprivation

Dream EZ contains L-tryptophan which reduces anxiety and stress[4], boosts mood, and your cognitive function.[5]

"It's been a week of taking Dream EZ and I cannot recommend it enough! It's helped me fall into deeper sleep AND I feel better waking up every morning"


Backed by science. Loved by customers

Here’s what more of our customers are saying:

"I’ve always had issues staying asleep at night. It's been a few months since taking Dream EZ, I've been getting full nights sleep since day 1."

Tomas P.

"The lemon balm and valerian root combination [in Dream EZ] kills my insomnia. Seriously... I now fall asleep at a good hour.

Ren Stephens

"I mostly take Dream EZ during busy periods of business. Long hours. Stress. Dream EZ helps me relax and wake up clear-minded"

Lucas Mondora

*We do not guarantee any results and they may vary from individual to individual.

Science-backed ingredients — sourced ethically from the Amazon Rainforest

No proprietary blends. All good-for-you ingredients. Click here to view supplement facts.


Boosts mood sleep by converting into Serotonin, Niacin & Melatonin in your brain.

Passion flower

Boosts GABA in your brain which helps to quiet brain activity and relaxes your body.

Lemon balm

An amazing herb which can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety & stress-induced insomnia.


The #1 sleep aid in the world — improves sleep time, deep sleep and sleep quality.

Valerian root

A powerful and highly effective sleep aid for people with insomnia­.

+ more natural ingredients

Click here to view all ingredient information.

Say goodbye to restless nights.
Get the sleep of your dreams.

All you need is 1 capsule 30 minutes before bed.

30-Day money back

Promotes a healthy sleep cycle

Vegetarian, nature-friendly formula

Health Canada approved & FDA notified

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