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Wake up exhausted even before your day begins? Catch yourself staring at the ceiling for hours on end before bed? Is morning regret after drinking the norm? We're here to fix all that.

Eliminate FatigueLive Better

"DreamEZ helps me fall asleep faster and get better sleep. I wake up feeling rested and ready for work during the week."

B. Albrecht

“OverEZ helped me go from laying in bed all day sick to being up and ready to go the next morning as if I was 21 again.”


Sleep troubles holding you back? Let’s fix that. Have fun nights turned into painful mornings? Alcohol Recovery is here. Feeling sluggish in the afternoons? Not anymore.

We're waging war on sleepless nights, rough mornings and wasted days.

Does life feel like too much right now? Where you simply don't have the time to feel like crap and need to be functioning at your very best? That's where we come in bringing you pandemic-proof supplements to get you back on track.

Dream EZ: insomnia and stress killer

A natural sleep supplement that's as strong as prescription sleep meds without any of the nasty side-effects.

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Over EZ: delete hangovers

The World's First hangover prevention (that actually works). Never wake up feeling sick again, or it's on us.

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Fuel EZ:  eliminate fatigue

A natural source of energy 10x stronger than energy drinks with 100% less sugar.

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Or try our Essentials pack for free.

Or try our Essentials pack for free.

Feeling physically and mentally drained? You can fix that right now.

Now more than ever you need to improve your first line of defence and adapt to these stressful times. The one person you need to count on is yourself. Whether you suffer form insomnia, fatigue or brutal post party drag our all natural supplement stack was designed for you.

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Tired of waking up exhausted? Staring up at the ceiling for hours on end? Laying all day in bed after only one night out?

Make insomnia and sleepless nights a distant memory

Tired of staring up at the ceiling night after night? Waking up and feeling like the absolute worst version of yourself? If you've tried everything you haven't tried Dream EZ. Stronger than prescription sleep meds without any of the harsh side effects.

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Forget hangovers and morning regret and for good.

Remember the last time you drank and woke up feeling like absolute hell and had a gazillion things to do? You've tried electrolytes, painkillers, advil and everything over the moon, but you know deep down inside that none of it actually works. That's why we created Over EZ, because we used to be like you.

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Enjoy lasting energy throughout the day

Fuel EZ uses a battle-tested, 3-phase formula to help you feel more alert, energetic, and get you through those early afternoon slumps.

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"I brought FuelEZ on a busy trip overseas, and it did not disappoint. Took them in the morning before a day’s worth of engagements, and felt energized throughout. Will always keep them handy for those long days in the future."

J. Surico

300,000 EZ health nuts and counting

I am in my mid 40's, and even 2 drinks would lay me OUT the next day. I gave EZ a try on my last girl's trip, had one night with... a handful of drinks. I usually would be very sick the next day, but I felt fantastic.


"The lemon balm and valerian root combination [in DreamEZ] kills my sleeplessness. Seriously... I now fall asleep at a good hour.

Ren Stephens

"I mostly take DreamEZ during busy periods of business. Long hours. Stress. DreamEZ helps me relax and wake up clear-minded"

Lucas Mondora

Effective alone. Better when taken together.

Sleep. Energy. Fun. The staples for a healthy, happy life. Try our supplements for free with our Lifestyle Essential Pack today.

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