7 Reasons Why Hangover Pills are trending in North America

Roughly 77 percent of the population suffers from hangovers after drinking. That means I’m not alone in my quest to find a cure for the nausea, fatigue, headache and overall horrible feeling I experience after a night out with friends. In fact, it’s expected that human ancestors first discovered alcohol more than 10 million years ago. That means it’s likely that humans have been searching for hangover cures for millions of years too.

A quick Google search for hangover remedies will lead you to a long list of natural and pharmaceutical cures. Coconut water, pain relievers, vitamin B6. But in recent years, many Americans have been turning to hangover pills to stifle the headache and nausea and enjoy a productive day after over imbibing. These are seven reasons why hangover pills are so common in the United States.

1. They’re Easy

Popping a pill before drinking, enjoying a night out and waking up without a hangover is extremely simple and doesn’t involve a trip to the health food store for activated charcoal or a 12 pack of gatorades. 

2. They’re Convenient

Hangover pills don’t take up a lot of space. In fact, they can easily be stored in your pocket or purse, so they’re readily available if you decide to indulge in a few drinks. 

3. Many Are All-Natural

Those who want to squash a hangover without putting chemicals in their body can rest assured with ez hangover pills like OverEZ. OverEZ is an all-natural hangover remedy made from ingredients ethically sourced from the jungles of Brazil. It’s a pill you can feel good about taking. 

4. They Actually Work

The hair of the dog may seem like a good option the next morning, but a lot of hangover “cures” just delay the hangover without actually curing it. Hangover pills, especially those taken before having the first drink, are proven to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover before they even start. 

5. They Protect Your Body

Hangover supplements like OverEZ are designed to protect your body from the negative effects of alcohol. L-cysteine, zinc, milk thistle, vitamin B and other vital nutrients work to restore liver health, boost the immune system, increase energy production, reduce stress and more. Hangover pills typically include many of the nutrients your body is craving after a big night out. 

6. They Save Your Work Day

Having to call in sick is one of the worst side effects of a bad hangover. Not only do you feel awful, but you can miss a day’s worth of pay, further increasing your anxiety and the expense of your night out. Hangover pills provide the nutrients and energy needed to stay on task throughout the entire work day. 

7. They’re Legitimate

With so many hangover cures on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones actually do eliminate the symptoms associated with drinking too much. OverEZ is FDA notified and Health Canada approved. This supplement was made by health nuts for health nuts, and includes nothing but vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients. While some hangover “cures”, like a cup of green tea or activated charcoal, may not seem to do anything at all, hangover pills produce actual results that you can feel. 

PC: pixabay.com/stevepb

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