7 Things You Don't Know About Hangover Medicine

The headache, nausea and unshakeable desire to stay in bed all day — all common symptoms of a bad hangover, and if you have one, chances are you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. 

While next-day hangover “cures” can be found around just about every corner on the Web -- from coconut water and activated charcoal to the “hair of the dog” and cold chinese food -- none of them have been proven to eliminate the symptoms of a hangover entirely.

However, if you start working on your hangover cure before you even have your first drink, you can greatly reduce the symptoms or even skip the dreaded hangover process entirely. Hangover medicines and supplements are some of the only truly effective ways to prevent a hangover, and that’s because they contain essential nutrients to protect and repair your body before, during and after drinking alcohol. These are 10 things you probably didn’t know about hangover medicine.

1. They Can Eliminate Toxins

Many hangover medicines are designed to combat the hangover before it starts. One hangover medicine, known as OverEZ, blocks the acetaldehyde toxin by using a high-dose combination of L-cysteine and magnesium. 

2. They Can Protect the Liver

A true hangover medicine packed with natural ingredients can help ensure healthy liver function. Zinc, milk thistle and chicory root are all known to protect the liver from damage due to alcohol consumption.

3. They Can Help Your Body Recover

There’s no doubt you put your body through some strain when over-imbibing, but a proper hangover medicine can come to the rescue by replacing the vitamins and minerals, like B vitamins and magnesium, that were depleted. 

4. The Can Fight Inflammation

If you’ve ever woken up feeling swollen after a big night of drinking, you know how painful, or simply annoying, that swelling can be. Many hangover medicines include anti-inflammatory ingredients, like milk thistle, to bring the swelling down and help you feel normal again.

5. They Can Make You More Productive

Productivity is probably something that feels unreachable when you have a gruelling hangover. However, if you take a hangover medicine like OverEZ before you drink, you can wake up feeling clear-headed and energized due to the B vitamin complexes that reduce stress, increase alcohol metabolism and provide the energy you need to conquer the day.

6. They Can Be Completely Natural

Many times, the term medicine will scare people away from certain products. However, certain hangover medicines are made from 100-percent all natural, vegetarian ingredients. OverEZ includes nothing but vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients.

7. Hundreds of Thousands of Hangovers Have Been Avoided

Taking a hangover medicine before you start drinking means you’re not curing a hangover, you’re preventing one. With OverEZ alone, more than 750,000 hangovers have been prevented since just 2018.

With Ez Lifestyle products like OverEZ and other hangover medicines on the market, you can enjoy the freedom of having a few drinks with friends without dreading the next day. So forget about stocking your pantry with activated charcoal and coconut water, and eliminate your hangover before you even start drinking.

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