8 Important Things About Sleep Deprivation - Cause, Danger and Cure

You can never get enough sleep. No, seriously.

There is a growing consciousness around the importance of “good” sleep, and, also, the health dangers of sleep deprivation. When your body does not get the sleep it needs or deserves on a daily basis, it can have real short- and long-term impacts that we’re only now becoming aware of as a society. And they need to be treated with the highest regard.

As a result, knowing everything out there — the information, the facts — about sleep deprivation and what you can do to fix it has never been more important. So where we do begin?

What causes sleep deprivation?

A number of factors can cause sleep deprivation.

1. It can be nagging anxiety towards a certain life event, or decision, or a larger mental health issue, like ADHD or depression. (If that’s the case, you may want to consult with a therapist or mental health expert.)

2. It can be the food you’re eating, which we explored in a recent blog post. It might be time to toss that late-night coffee or sugar you’ve been having, and replace it with chamomile tea or a healthy snack.

3. It can be jet lag if you’re traveling often.

4. It can be your smartphone or tablet, which emit rays that can be bad for our brains before we rest. So turn them off at least a half-hour before you lay down.

5. It can even be your bedroom’s comfortability, from the right sheets to the temperature set. Remember: hotter temperatures make you more restless.

What does sleep deprivation lead to?

As mentioned, experts are increasingly linking sleep deprivation to a wide array of health problems, some of which you’d never guess. Did you know, for example, that not getting sufficient sleep correlates with lower libido or sex drive? Or issues with remembering things, both long and short-term? Or sudden mood changes?

Sleep deprivation can negatively affect your body’s release of insulin, which can ultimately lead to an earlier onset of diabetes. It can heighten blood pressure, which puts you at a greater risk of heart disease. And it can weaken your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to viruses.

All of that because of sleep. Pretty crazy, right?

How can you combat sleep deprivation?

Now that you know the causes and dangers of sleep deprivation, you’re probably asking yourself: ‘Well, how do I fix it?’

1. First, you need to recognize your issue. What is causing you to stay up at night? What is the reason behind your sleep deprivation? Is it anxiety? Diet? Late-night electronic usage?

2. You’ll need to find out. Conduct a few DIY experiments with your sleep, to see if that changes anything. Cut the coffee or any food past 6 pm. Try turning off your laptop at an earlier time. And maybe set the thermostat a few degrees lower. Toy around with a few different scenarios at night, to see if your body is receptive to the change.

3. Then consider giving your body the right natural sleep aids it may need to combat sleep deprivation by helping that seamless ease into a healthy, deep rest. Our Dream EZ supplement is outfitted with the best organic and pure ingredients from Brazil that are scientifically proven to calm your body, like melatonin, valerian root, and tryptophan.

We sought out a formula for better sleep. Plain and simple. And we think we found it. That way, it gets the hours it needs to re-energize and reclaim the day.

Say goodbye to those symptoms, and start getting healthy, happy sleep.

Image credits: livingwellpdx.org

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