What’s Different about EZlifestlye Products?

Not all vitamins are created equal. It's not just the individual ingredients that matter, but where they are from and how they actually work together. Our scientists spent years in the lab creating test models with different combinations, seeking the most effective and safest product possible. So what did we come up with?

Let's break it down

We sourced all of our ingredients from their most natural locations all around the world. From India to Brazil, we ensured that each ingredient was taken in it purest form. We then altered the proportion of each ingredient in our vitamin until we had created the strongest product on the market. Check out the science behind our products below.

Over EZ

Over EZ
  • The 1.7 mg of Riboflavin in each vitamin is sourced from Northern China and works so seamlessly with the other ingredients at this dosage that 99.8% of the ingredient is absorbed
  • The Vitamin B3 is from India whereas Vitamins B6 and B12 are from China - these two locations provide the purest form of these vitamins on the planet. All three of these vitamins are crucial in processing L-Cysteine and Magnesium
  • Magnesium (90 mg) and Zinc (12 mg) have been known to decrease the absorption of one another, but at a 9 to 1 proportion, both ingredients are still absorbed in over 99% in Over EZ
  • Our zinc, chicory root extract, milk thistle, alma extract, grape extract, and beet extract are all sourced from the jungles of Brazil, one of the most naturally pure locations on Earth

Dream EZ

Dream EZ
  • By combining 10mg of melatonin,  mg of passion flower and  of chamomile, we are creating twice the effect of drowsiness without requiring a high dosage of any of them
  • At a ratio of 1 to 3, our Brazilian magnesium amplifies the absorption of L-Triptofano
  • Valerian Root and Lemon Balm are scientifically proven to work together to reduce hyperactivity in the brain, and we have a higher-than-average portion of each

Fuel EZ

Fuel EZ
  • Manganese and L-tyrosine are known to amplify the individual effects of the other, culminating in a higher boost of energy, however, their synergy is at its most effective when L-Tyrosine is over 150 mg and manganese remains at 1 mg.
  • Just like in Over EZ, we utilize the perfect balance of Vitamins B2, B3, B6, and B12. With a roughly 1 to 30 ratio, these vitamins achieve the highest absorption of L-Tyrosine possible
  • Zinc and Vitamin C are both sourced from Brazil and perfectly complement one another to ensure ample absorption of each
  • Using just 300 mg between three ingredients sourced from Brazil (Guarana, green coffee extract and caffeine anhydrous) our pill provides 72 pure mg of caffeine
  • At a ratio of 1: 4.5 manganese and iron combine to create a 98.7% absorption

So what are you saying?

You need vitamins, and vitamins need each other. Every ingredient in our supplements is sourced from the purest location in the world, possesses a specific purpose and is in a particular portion. These portions ensure the overall highest rate of absorption and replenishment of nutrients as possible. Don’t believe us? Try it!

You deserve to thrive.

With our products, hangovers are old news, restful sleep is achieved, and energy boosts come without fear.

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