Top 10 Things to Look Out For in a Hangover Supplement

Hangover “cures” seem to be everywhere these days.

Tablets. Capsules. Patches. Even IV drip. Let alone the assortment of natural remedies that we hear of: coconut water, activated charcoal, certain foods, caffeine, etc.

But for hangover supplements — which are increasingly seen as healthier, more effective alternatives by experts — there is a laundry list, and not all of them necessarily make the cut. As a result, consumers should be aware of what they’re ingesting the morning after, not only to ensure that it’s safe to consume but also, that it works.

So for this post, we dug up the properties that every hangover supplement should have. Here are the top 10 things to look out for, that are doctor-approved:

1. Amino acids

Because you’re going to need all the help you can get to battle the toxins that are hurting your liver. Amino acids are the natural answer — they help decrease toxins like acetaldehyde that your body creates when it metabolizes alcohol, which is what help causes nausea and heartache you’re experiencing.  

2. Vitamin B12

When you drink, your body flushes out the vitamins and minerals it so desperately needs to function normally. So a key role of any hangover supplement should be to regain them. Vitamin B12 does exactly that; with a B complex, this vitamin sets out restoring the brain and central nervous system, which are hindered by alcohol’s effects.

3. Organic and pure ingredients

It should go without saying that any hangover supplement should be made all natural ingredients, that are organic-certified and not artificially made in a lab somewhere. Because the last thing you should be putting into your body during recovery is another chemical or substance.

4. Vegetarian Capsules

Not many people know this, but often times the capsules we see on the market are made of gelatin, an animal byproduct. Which, of course, means they are off-limits to anyone who abides by a vegetarian or vegan diet. If this is you, make sure that whatever hangover supplement you’re purchasing comes in a vegetarian capsule, made of cellulose. (To note: it’s also kosher and halal certified.)

5. Zinc

When you’re taking hangover supplements, you need a mineral that will help you digest all of the ingredients in a healthy and sustainable way. That’s where zinc comes in: our body is full of this metallic element, as it helps ward off virus and aids in body development. For hangover supplements, zinc is used to break down the ingredients for our body to fully digest.

6. Synergistic properties

In hangover supplements, certain ingredients are important in certain dosages. But they also have to work in tandem, if they’re going to prove effective in tackling this hangover. Ensuring synergy must be a guarantee at the time of purchase, or else the supplement is useless.

7. Source and manufacture

At EZ Lifestyle, we take origin and process to heart. You think that you should know where your hangover supplement came from, and how it was made. We are committed to absolute transparency with our consumers about our partnership in Brazil, and the ingredients we use to make OverEZ. And it’s not just due to responsibility — we’re proud of these ingredients, too.

8. FDA notified or Health Canada approved

This is something that every consumer should take seriously: whether or not the product they’re buying has been inspected and approved by the respective oversight agency. That assures a higher standard of excellence and means that the supplement has been tested for health risks that are relevant to every consumer. We approve.

9. Milk thistle

Why is milk thistle important, you might ask? This natural herbal remedy has been around for a long time because it’s shown to protect your liver and your stomach. Turns out those are the two places in need of help the most when battling a hangover. So that’s why milk thistle is important.

10. L-cysteine

And last but not least: L-cysteine. If you’ve ever eaten eggs the morning after a drinking bout and felt better, as a result, you can thank this amino acid. It helps take those toxins in your liver and break them down into carbon and water, thereby ridding them of their harmful properties. And it’s a must in any hangover supplement, for that very reason.

When we were crafting our OverEZ supplement, we abide closely by these properties.

We knew that doctors around the world have attested to their efficacy, and safety, time and time again. Which is what led us to Brazil, a land of lush vegetation and farming. We sought out the purest organic ingredients there — like Vitamin B12, zinc, milk thistle, beet juice, and chicory root, with a vegetarian capsule — to create a supplement that’s not only going to fight a hangover but also leave you feeling recharged to take on the day.

You deserve to thrive.

With our products, hangovers are old news, restful sleep is achieved, and energy boosts come without fear.

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