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Best hangover product hands down

"Best hangover product hands down. I never write reviews. In fact I think this is my first review on a product. I suffer from extremely bad hangovers but I like cutting loose with friends every now and then. A friend told me about this product and I have to say I will NEVER drink without this product. I would pay $10 per pill if it meant no more miserable hangovers and this product seriously works. I drank wine, tequila, and whiskey ZERO hangover. And I have BAD hangovers normally. This product is a MUST HAVE!!! especially if you have children and cant afford to be hungover. Worth every single penny."

Jamie P.

Some ingredients used in hospital settings.

"Game Changer. Some ingredients used in hospital settings. This product is amazing and I should become a brand representative I had told so many friends about it. If you take this when you first start drinking I think of it as helping to "shield" your liver from the toxins of alcohol. I work in a hospital and a few of the ingredients are what we give patients who come in with alcohol overdose so this is an amazing product to be able to buy it off of amazon. This has helped me from having day long hang-overs to being up and ready to go the next morning as if I was 21 again."


What if I just want to drink a whole bunch? I could...I could

I have a neighbor and we like to hang out. And when we hang out, we usually have some beers. Or wine. Or liquor. Or sometimes, tragically, all three. Which, of course, never ends well.
As unfortunate as it is, I like to have some drinks and yet, I am relentlessly growing older. As I age, my body doesn't LOVE waking up on a day after our neighbors came over to find myself in a pile of whimpering pain. Now I can pop one of these stupid, amazing pills and wake up fresh as a daisy (cannot say the same for my post-drinking breath).
I love EZ (I assume it stands for something like Enabling Zima) and I also give it to all my friends when I know that, as upper 30's humans, we will definitely thank that pill for allowing us to probably be very loud and unpleasant for those around us the night before.
My one and only complaint is that they cost a fortune. But yet, I'm the sucker who bought them without even knowing they'd work. Luckily, they really, really do.

Enid Q

Best pill ever invented

"Best Pill Ever Invented. These pills are literally MAGIC!! I’m someone who has spent my whole life dealing with the absolute worst hangovers (headaches, throwing up, sick until late afternoon the next day) but if I take one of these pills when I start drinking I NEVER throw up or even feel sick at all that night or the next morning. I put these pills onto every single one of my friends because they literally save my life. GET THEM THEY WORK."

Caitlin D.

Your new best friend

I usually hold off drinking if i know that there will be something important going on the next day bc i don’t like feeling like crap..
I had seen the reviews for this product and decided to give it a try so i purposely drank what would usually have me waking up feeling like a ton of bricks and to my surprise i was great! did a workout in the morning involving looking down ie push-ups, burpees (what would usually give me spins or nausea) and it felt as though i hadn’t drank at all the night before.
Literally a life saver, will definitely be buying more in the future!

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What kind of sorcery is this!

My hangovers normally last until the evening so the next day is a complete write-off. I took one pill with water about 15 minutes before I started drinking. After consuming around 9 Nutl Vodkas and some red wine… (it was a fabulous night in case you’re wondering), I hopped into bed. Immediately upon waking up I did feel groggy with a slight headache but that was short-lived. By noon, I just felt a little sleepy. I’m shocked that these worked but so grateful they did!


Doctor approved ! Only pill that works

I’m a doctor and I don’t drink much anymore now that I’m a bit older. I wish this pill existed when I was in college ! I take one on nights when I’m having a few drinks and I always wake up surprised ! Always expecting to feel worse when I feel normal. Tequila and champagne nights included. I’m a surgeon and I don’t believe in voodoo. I never thought any of these pills would work but I was very very wrong. I hear the same response from all my colleagues and friends. This is truly a fantastic concoction.

B. Talei

"DreamEZ helps me fall asleep faster and get better sleep. I wake up feeling rested and ready for work during the week."

B. Albrecht

“OverEZ helped me go from having day long hangovers to being up and ready to go the next morning as if I was 21 again.”


How our Essentials Pack helps you enjoy a healthier life

Unlock easy, lasting and restful sleep

Sleep is the key to better everything. So we came up with a way to help you establish healthier sleep patterns — Dream EZ helps you fall asleep faster, rest deeper, and reset your daily energy levels.

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Wake up hangover-free, as if you were 21 again

Hangovers can’t be cured. But in 2022, they can be prevented. Over EZ is the supplement that's engineered to stop hangovers before they happen.

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Enjoy lasting energy throughout the day

Fuel EZ uses a battle-tested, 3-phase formula to help you feel more alert, energetic, and get you through those early afternoon slumps.

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I have used it a number of times and I have tried countless energy boosters and nootropics. This is one of the better ones I have tried to give me just a little more energy during the day.


300,000+ customers worldwide!

I am in my mid 40's, and even 2 drinks would lay me OUT the next day. I gave EZ a try on my last girl's trip, had one night with... a handful of drinks. I usually would be very sick the next day, but I felt fantastic.


"The lemon balm and valerian root combination [in DreamEZ] kills my insomnia. Seriously... I now fall asleep at a good hour.

Ren Stephens

"I mostly take DreamEZ during busy periods of business. Long hours. Stress. DreamEZ helps me relax and wake up clear-minded"

Lucas Mondora

We've reimagined what it takes to live a better life.

Life enhancements require major life changes. But it's the 21st century and there should be a better way — so we set out to find them, starting with the essentials for life; Sleep, Fun, and Energy.

Dream EZ: restful sleep

A natural sleep supplement crafted to help you conquer insomnia and sleep better.

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Over EZ: hangover prevention

A next generation alcohol aid that's engineered to prevent hangovers before you get them.

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Fuel EZ: daily energy

A natural energy supplement that helps you charge through that afternoon slump.

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